Should you wrap your roof turbines during winter?

Don’t do it, homeowners! Wrapping your turbines might sound like a great way to conserve heat but it’s not and you could actually damage your roof.

Holding uncirculated air in your attic doesn’t conserve heat; it traps moisture. Your insulation– not your attic–creates the barrier that holds artificially heated and cooled air inside your home. Instead, your attic needs to circulate air just like your body needs to inhale and exhale. Ventilation and insulation work together to help your attic breathe.

Ventilation_DiagramIn the summer, inadequate insulation and ventilation can cause the temperature in your home to rise (figure 1), but proper insulation and ventilation help keep the summer heat from building up and radiating back into your home.

During the winter, cutting off the flow of air through your attic by blocking the ventilation system will cause condensation to accumulate on the underside of the roof decking (figure 2). This moisture could build up and rain down onto your attic’s insulationVentilation and insulation work together to help your attic breathe., freeze on the underside of the decking, ruin your insulation, seep through your ceiling and cause expensive damage.

This can happen, even in Mississippi, when cold fronts cause daytime temperatures to stay below freezing.

To conserve heat energy in your home this winter, instead of wrapping your roof in bubble wrap, let your roof’s ventilation system do its job and make sure your attic is adequately insulated.

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